A significant part of your grade this semester will be the delivery of a group project. Students will be divided into teams of 2 to 4 members. Within the teams, students will work together to write a proposal for the implementation of a data warehouse (or data mart). The proposal will be a business case study that could be presented to your management in an effort to support and justify your request for the development of the data warehouse. The proposal should articulate what subject(s) orientation the data warehouse will be built around, why you feel that a data warehouse would be beneficial to the company, and what benefits you expect to derive from the implementation of the warehouse.

In addition, and depending on the technical expertise and SQL skills of the students, you will also be responsible for creating such a data warehouse (or data mart) in your assigned database. Your responsibility will be to create such tables, as well as to populate those tables with some data. Data need not be voluminous. Approximately 10-50 rows in the dimension tables, and 50-200 rows in the fact tables.

As part of this project, it is important to work as a group, as all students within a team will receive the same grade for the group project. Instructor will not get involved in any group discord

Your group project is important!

    Yes, your project important, so take it seriously. That being said, the purpose of the project is to:

  1. Learn and apply critical knowledge obtained in this class.
  2. Give you the opportunity to work within a team setting to accomplish a defined goal.

Your project should include:

And the hands-on component...